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St Andrews Old Course

The Old Course - The Home of Golf

What can we write that has not been written? At PGSA we have probably played the Old Course close to a 1000 times over the last thirty years, but there is still something about the drive from the first tee and the approach to the 18th green. We believe it has to do with the timeless echoes of history and the knowledge that every great golfer, past and present has considered the same shots.

About the Old Course

Scotland is the birth place of golf then there can be no doubt as to where the cradle lies. Golf was played around here over 600 years ago which makes this course the oldest in the world by a country mile and 100 years before Columbus even thought about going to America.

The course originally consisted of 22 holes before being reduced to the current 18, and with 14 holes sharing 7 huge double greens, it is not hard to see why the course used to be played ‘ the other way round’. Tom Morris created the 1st and 18th holes; Daw Anderson in the mid-1800s and Alistair Mckenzie contributed, but it appears that Mither nature hersel’ had as big a hand as any in its creation.

The Open has been played here 28 times (29 in 2015) and is by far the most frequent venue. The Old Course has also hosted the Walker Cup and, since 1985, the Dunhill links championship.

Nobody owns the course; it belongs to the town and people of St. Andrews; it cannot be played on a Sunday as it can be treated as a public ‘right of way’ on that day.  If you love the game of golf, then, in this instance, words really are inadequate.

Playing the Old Course with PGSA Golf Tours

It’s quite a simple test of golf really, all you have to do is keep the ball straight or slightly left, never right, and you are home and dry. Why that should prove so difficult is a mystery to us all. Perhaps it is the sea air that destroys our ‘best laid plans’ as they invariably ‘gang aft agley’.

Caddies can be a huge help, or one of the PGSA team would be delighted to make up a four ball. This offer applies to any course played throughout your trip, if we are not involved with conciergeing other members of your party.

The pot bunkers are nearly always a one shot penalty; they are deep and steep, and an eight iron escape is the best you can hope for and its mostly SW. There are 112 bunkers in all, some, some such as ‘The Road Hole, Strath, Hell, and the Beardies have destroyed the cards and hopes of the best of the world’s golfers, but they still come back and refuse to condemn.

As one of the highlights in any golfers life, we want to make sure you enjoy every second of your round – all you need to do is play golf and PGSA Golf Tours will take care of everything else;

To play the Old Course will almost certainly be your St. Andrews visit highlight. We will do our very best to make sure it can happen. The tee times are allocated by the ballot system, whereby we enter your names 48 hours prior to the day you wish to play. The ballot is drawn at 4pm on the entry day, so depending on your success or not we can reorganise you’re playing schedule accordingly. On a seven day stay you will have potentially six attempts to be successful, fingers crossed! If you are able to play we will be sure to record some HD video at the start and finish to your round to keep for posterity.

If it is at all possible, we will do everything we can to enable you to play The Old Course.