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Ladybank is unique among the course choice in that it is not links but a heathland course, beautifully laid out amongst the heather, the pine trees and the silver birch.  Like many 120year old courses accuracy from the tee is more important than distance. Another plus is that the bunkers are not as intimidating as their ‘pot brothers’ on the links. Two gently meandering loops of nine holes make up the course with Buggies available if required

Playing Ladybank Golf Course

First laid out as six holes by Old Tom Morris, the course did not lengthen to a full 18 until the late 1950s it is a testament to its various contributory designers that it could easily pass as the 1879 0riginal. As usual the forward tees make golf life a little simpler, but despite playing the course many times, it is surprising how often you look at your balls position and think; ‘ nope – I should not be here!’

Accuracy at all times is paramount. Probably the least tiring of our course choices to walk, and the design makes it most tempting to play a further nine holes on completion of your round.

Ladybank is located not far from St Andrews – suiting both Fairmont and Kingarroch Inn accommodation.. Features include:

From a golfing perspective;
  1. A heathland course of Championship status (Par 71) set amongst heather.

  2. A complex course with open burns, an internal out of bounds (the old railway line), and strategic bunkering.
Course accolades