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Kingsbarnes Championship Golf Course

None of us local golfers, and probably the developers as well, could have conceived the impact the creation of this golf course would have on the town of St. Andrews and far across the golfing world. Although less than twenty years old it is now considered to be in the top twenty golf courses in the world. That said, it is the third incarnation of golf in this part of Fife.

A little History on Kingsbarns Golf Course...

Golf began here in 1793 and continued until around 1850 when the (more valuable for farming) land was ploughed up.

Lady Erskine of Cambo re-established a Kingsbarns golfing society and golf club in 1922 and Wullie Auchterlonie laid out a 9 hole course at that time. The war required it to be mined and be (quite sensibly) abandoned so it quickly reverted to the original rough pasture.

The recent resurrection can now hold equal status alongside The Old Course and Carnoustie as one of the three great golf courses in the world.
Playing Kingsbarns Golf Course with PGSA Golf Tours

Kingsbarns will be one of the most severe tests of you ability to play golf. From the back tees, with even a light breeze, par golf is an attainable goal for only the pros, or the most gifted of amateurs. Every single department of your game will be tested to the utmost and there is not a moment’s room for complacency; which is probably why it is so highly regarded throughout the golfing world.

At over 6100 yards, this scratch 72 course is an absolute must-play for any golfer coming to Scotland.